We Need To Move On!

A thought just came to my mind….

You know….it really sucks seeing our country take an ugly turn in terms of elections. Personally, I don’t understand the reason as to why we should be having unnecessary riots that won’t help us at all. I don’t understand the reason as to why we should be having the police armed with guns strolling through the town prepared to senselessly beat those who will cause havoc in the streets. Just because a certain political candidate didn’t win the first election means that we should act like hooligans making loud noises with our shirts off while holding branches of trees running through the streets saying this guy should have won instead of the other guy. Seriously….we need to style up and move on people! I’m not a political person but I do know that as a country, we are supposed to have free and fair elections without any fuss. These guys who run after politicians’ cars so that they can be given money….you’re being lied to. Do you know that guy who you’re running after won’t help you pay your rent when the landlord tries to kick you out? Do you know that politician you’re running after won’t help you to put food on your table? Do you know that the same politician you’re running after won’t to get you employed when you’re jobless? That guy will lure you into voting for him and at the end of the day, you will watch him slowly eating his money and will have forgotten you. I don’t really think if most people reason in that perspective and it’s really sad whenever I see such things happening. I’m sorry to say, but these are one of the reasons why country will always be the way it is right now.

We believe in many things. I might not know what you believe in but personally, I believe in peace and harmony. I believe in a peaceful country where every citizen is entitled to their opinion but we can still stay together as a nation. We may all come from different backgrounds and tribes or we may be of a different gender or race. But one thing that binds us together is that we all live in the same country.

We really need to change as a country and stop bringing up these petty issues which will lead us nowhere. As I said earlier, we need to style up and move on. Think about it….


Marisa’s Reward

Marisa had been longing for her reward which she was promised by Mr. Simon, her history teacher for being the top student in her class. Aside from the reward, Marisa also had a secret crush on Mr. Simon, who happened to be a quite handsome man who looked middle aged most probably in his early 30s, wore glasses and had a fair muscular physique. Whenever he would come to class, Marisa could not help but gaze at him. She was always turned on by him and always wished that he would stop teaching and come give her a good fuck. Today, Marisa wanted to ask for her reward that she had waited for a long time. Class was over and everyone had left for home. Marisa and Simon were the only ones left in class. As Simon was busy packing his books, Marisa stood up and went to him. “Ahem….” she cleared her throat sarcastically. “Oh, Marisa, looks like I owe you something,” said Simon. “Yes you do,” Marisa replied with a smile. “I was going to give you a present but… I thought something better,” said Simon in a naughty manner. “And what could that be?” Marisa asked in slight curiosity although she was surprised. Simon smiled as he came closer and gently began touching her bum slowly going down her thighs. “I can see what you mean now,” said Marisa giggling as felt nothing but pleasure from Mr. Simon’s soft hands. Simon then leaned over and gave her a warm kiss on the lips. “How about we go somewhere private?” he whispered softly to her ear. “Where do you suggest?” asked Marisa as she smiled. Simon then went to open the class door to see if there was anyone around the school corridors. “I want you to go to the boys washroom and make sure no one’s watching you, OK?” Simon told her. Marisa did exactly as she was instructed. She slowly went and got into the boys bathroom without anyone seeing her. Simon followed suit. “Well that seemed easy,” said Simon. “The same way I passed your history test?” she asked. “Yes,” Simon replied as she looked at Marisa with his seductive eyes. He went closer and gave her another kiss. “Get inside,” he whispered to her as he opened the bathroom door. As soon as Marisa got in, Simon immediately locked the door. He then took off his glasses and placed them on top of the shelf. Simon pushed her against the wall and proceeded on to kiss her from her pretty lips down to her neck while holding both her arms behind her back looking as though she was tied and helpless. Simon then reached beneath her polka dot skirt and took off her panties. He then went back up again and slowly fingered her. “Ahhh…” Marisa moaned softly. “You like that?” Simon whispered to her ear. “Yes….” said Marisa who was unable to speak due to the intense pleasure. “I don’t think so,” said Simon as he fingered her hard. Marisa let out a loud moan. “Shhh….” said Simon slowing down the pace. “Now I think you like it,” he whispered to her again. Simon took out his finger beneath her skirt and was now ready for something else. “How do you like your reward so far?” Simon asked smiling. “It’s really good,” Marisa replied. The two passionately kissed. Marisa placed her arms around Simon’s shoulders while Simon held her tightly close to his waist. “Treat me like a slut,” said Marisa as she undid her blouse. “Beg me,” said Simon. “What?” asked Marisa. “I want you to beg me to treat you like a slut.” “Please….” she begged. Marisa slowly knelt down to undo his pants and boxers. “I want you to suck my cock and do it real nice and slow.” “Yes sir,” said Marisa taking his hard 8 inch prick inside her mouth nice and slowly as she was told. “Oh yeah….that feels so good,” Simon moaned. “Mmmh…….” said Marisa who had filled mouth with his huge bulge. Simon held her up and gave her one more deep kiss before he got to work on her ass. “Turn around you little slut,” he said smirking at her. Marisa turned to the wall with both of her hands facing up while Simon placed his hands on her tiny waist and slowly began penetrating through her ass with his massive prick. Marisa moaned loudly in ecstasy. She had never expected such great pleasure in her entire life. Simon then slowly increased the pace while Marisa couldn’t help but moan in all her effort. Simon pounded her tiny ass as fast as he could moaning deeply like a wildebeest. Marisa moaned all she could and now she was left panting like a dog. “I’m gonna cum….” said Simon who looked as though he was about to burst. “Cum inside me….” Marisa said in pleasure. Simon did as he was told and gave her one final penetration and finally he came as he moaned greatly. He then leaned over her to kiss her. “Are you satisfied with your reward now?” he asked with a naughty smile. “Yes…” Marisa replied smiling as they kissed again until they heard someone getting in the washroom. “Shhh….” Simon whispered to her. Marisa kept quiet. The person seemed to be talking to the phone. It was Mr. Clive, the geography teacher who apparently was another hot, sexy teacher Marisa also had a secret crush on. Simon opened the bathroom door. “What are you doing?” Marisa asked him. “Relax,” Simon told her apparently not having his pants on,”hey Clive.” Clive had just finished talking on the phone. “Simon, what the fuck? Where are your pants?” Clive asked him. “Look who came by….” said Simon. Clive went to see who it was in the bathroom door and was not surprised to see that it was Marisa who had nothing on but her pink bra on. “Damn…..” said Clive while smirking at her. “So…. What do you think?” Simon asked him. “I think I’ll take it from here,” said Clive rolling his tongue around his lips. “Have fun…” said Simon giving Marisa one last kiss as he put on his pants and left. “Now it’s my turn…” said Clive who made Marisa give him a naughty smile as he got in closing the door behind him.

The Streets Of Nairobi 

I was with a friend of mine in town at a certain building where we usually go chilling. I then decided to take a photo of the streets of the town.

 After I took the photo, I observed the picture and it made me realize how beautiful our streets in Nairobi are.The tall buildings we see everyday, the gigantic billboards that light up the night and the nature surrounding us is simply amazing. They say a picture means a thousand words but for me, it meant more than that. To me it meant that we pay less attention to the beauty of our streets and how magnificent they actually are. Some of us see negative side of it but if we just take time to see the bigger picture of our streets, we can start embracing their beauty.

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Fuck Racism 

Over the past few years, there have been many cases of racism throughout in some parts of the world. Racism isn’t just something that came up the other day, it’s been there for years since the days of our ancestors. Before we dive in, let’s ask ourselves what exactly is racism. Racism is form of discrimination towards a person due to his or her skin colour or origin. Personally, I think this shit is just fucked up and it needs to stop.

Racism isn’t something that just came out the other day, it’s been there for years since the day of our ancestors. I don’t really understand why a black person should be treated differently from a white person. Just because we’re black and they’re white??? 😕 But do people really consider the effects racism brings along. Here are some of them:

1) Racism causes violence. Racism causes a strong rivalry between people (the blacks and the whites). People’s hearts are filled war that they want to keep fighting until one wins, which is not the solution.

2) Racism causes hatred. Hatred is filled all over the world when racism is being practised. People start to see each other as enemies and not friends.

3) Racism causes suffering. Many people suffer in the black community including both adults and children.

4) Racism causes loss of lives. Due to the pain caused by the oppression of black individuals, some people tend to commit suicide and sometimes are even shot dead. 

This should not be the case.😢

In my perspective, racism is a vice that keeps on tearing people apart. However, I believe that racism can surely end by just doing one thing. Living together in harmony regardless of our race, gender, origin, occupation, background and religion. 

I stand up against racism and so should you.

Stop the hate, stop the violence and the let’s start living in harmony.

🎶Let’s get together and feel alright🎶

 ☝”One Love” – Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

Who The Hell Is That?!

It was 12:30 am when Mike and Sasha had come from a friend’s party heading home. Mike was in the car driving Sasha first so that he could also go home. Suddenly, Mike stopped the car at the side of the road in the middle of the woods. “Why are you stopping?” Sasha asked him. Mike then turned off the ignition and laid back on the seat as he turned to Sasha. “You know I love you, right?” he said. “Of course I do,” said Sasha. Mike then moved closer to her and began caressing her cheeks. “Mike, this isn’t the time. Look, I’m really tired and I had to much too much to drink.” “Well, I’m not tired. Neither did I have too much to drink,” he said. Mike gently touched her thighs as he smiled. “Mike stop….that tickles,” said Sasha as she laughed. “Come here,” said Mike as he pulled her slowly towards him. Mike then gave a kiss on the lips. Sasha could not help but gaze at him. Mike continued kissing her down to her neck as he held her tightly in his arms never wanting to let her go.

“Let’s jump to the backseat,” he said. “Okay,” Sasha agreed. Sasha then went to the backseat and laid herself as she took off her sweatshirt and skinny jeans. Mike took off his T-shirt and unzipped his trousers and laid himself on Sasha’s body. The two kissed while running their hands on each others bodies. “Turn around,” Mike said. Sasha did as she was instructed. Before Mike was ready to take off his boxers, a voicemail sounded from his phone from one of the pockets of his trousers,”Hey babe, I sent you those you those nudes you asked for. Hope you like them. (Laughing).” “Who the hell is that?!” Sasha asked in fury. “Babe, I……I….I can explain,” said Mike as he was confused. “Explain what?  Get the fuck off me you asshole!” Sasha pushed him as she put her clothes back on and went to the front-seat. “Sasha, look…I don’t even know who that is.” Sasha remained quiet and ignored him. “Just get me home, you idiot,” she said. Mike put his clothes back on…….disappointed in himself as he went to the front-seat. He started the car and drove Sasha home. They finally reached. “Look, Sasha….can we just talk about this?” “Why don’t look at those nudes that whore sent you? I’m sure they’re much important than us talking,” said Sasha as she got out the car and slammed the door,” You’re such an asshole.”

Our Lives Are Driven By The Choices We Make

Since this being my first post, I wanted to write something inspirational to those young people out there who are chasing their dreams. Many people don’t know that the choices we make today will determine our future. Lupita Nyong’o said that dreams are valid and indeed they are. Some of us have dreams of becoming successful doctors, lawyers, engineers, pilots, name them. If we instill moral values in ourselves such as discipline and hard work it becomes easier for us to achieve our goals in life. Some of these choices I’m talking about are the friends you choose, the career you want to pursue, the lifestyle you live and others but a few. The world we live in today is full of challenges but if you yourself decide to get your shit together and make the right moves, trust me, those challenges are dead gone.

So make sure you start making the right decisions today so as to better yourself and the lives of those around you. It can make a huge impact in your life. Remember, your life is driven by the choices you make.

Hope you’re inspired by this.