Fuck Racism 

Over the past few years, there have been many cases of racism throughout in some parts of the world. Racism isn’t just something that came up the other day, it’s been there for years since the days of our ancestors. Before we dive in, let’s ask ourselves what exactly is racism. Racism is form of discrimination towards a person due to his or her skin colour or origin. Personally, I think this shit is just fucked up and it needs to stop.

Racism isn’t something that just came out the other day, it’s been there for years since the day of our ancestors. I don’t really understand why a black person should be treated differently from a white person. Just because we’re black and they’re white??? 😕 But do people really consider the effects racism brings along. Here are some of them:

1) Racism causes violence. Racism causes a strong rivalry between people (the blacks and the whites). People’s hearts are filled war that they want to keep fighting until one wins, which is not the solution.

2) Racism causes hatred. Hatred is filled all over the world when racism is being practised. People start to see each other as enemies and not friends.

3) Racism causes suffering. Many people suffer in the black community including both adults and children.

4) Racism causes loss of lives. Due to the pain caused by the oppression of black individuals, some people tend to commit suicide and sometimes are even shot dead. 

This should not be the case.😢

In my perspective, racism is a vice that keeps on tearing people apart. However, I believe that racism can surely end by just doing one thing. Living together in harmony regardless of our race, gender, origin, occupation, background and religion. 

I stand up against racism and so should you.

Stop the hate, stop the violence and the let’s start living in harmony.

🎶Let’s get together and feel alright🎶

 ☝”One Love” – Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.


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