Her Boss

Jenny was a 26 year old who worked as an editor for one of the most popular publishers in the city. She had a very positive attitude towards her work and was passionate about it since it was her dream job. She also had impressive writing skills that were considered the best of all writers. Her boss, Nick, was slightly older than her with a few years. Nick found Jenny very attractive but he never thought of approaching her. He secretly admired her from his office as he waited for the perfect time. Jenny knocked on his office. “Come in,” said Nick. “I just finished working on the article,” said Jenny as she walked in,”I thought you might wanna see it.” “Oh yeah, the article. I almost forgot about it. Lemme see what you got.” Jenny handed him the papers. Nick slowly read the article page by page and placed them on the desk. “Have a seat Jenny.” Jenny sat down. “This is really great content. I like it,” said Nick. “Thank you.” Nick stood up and went to check if there was anyone left. He then closed the door and sat on his desk while facing Jenny. Jenny was confused as to why he closed the door. Perhaps it was a serious matter that he didn’t want anyone to her about or maybe something else? “Jenny I wanted to talk to you about something.” “Is there anything wrong?” Jenny asked. “No, no, there’s nothing wrong. Everything’s fine. I just wanted to tell you that over the past few months you’ve been working here I think you’re very hardworking also your attitude tells a lot, which is amazing.” Jenny smiled when Nick complimented on her. “Thank you so much. It’s also been a pleasure working here. I mean…it’s my dream job.” “Not only are you just a great writer Jenny…I also think you’re very beautiful. Jenny was speechless. She gazed at Nick in a manner to suggest that he was from another planet or something. Jenny wouldn’t expect such a statement especially coming from her boss. “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” asked Nick as he chuckled. “Ummm……I…I  don’t know what to say,” said a confused Jenny. “It’s OK, I know you’re confused. It’s normal,” said Nick as he bent over and placed his arms on her shoulder. “Hey, don’t take it so personal, it was a compliment and besides, it’s just the two of us. No one else is here.” “No, this can’t happen Nick,” said Jenny as she stood up from her seat. “I mean…you’re my boss.” “So just because I’m your boss means we can’t have something special?” “Of course we can’t. And what if someone finds out?” “No one needs to know about this Jenny. We can just keep this between us.” Nick went closer to her and gently caressed her cheeks as he gave her a smile.”Just the two of us Jenny.” “I’m sorry Nick but I’ve already told you this can’t happen.” Jenny began to walk away from the office. “Jenny please, I guarantee you’ll love this,” said Nick as he grabbed her arm not wanting to to let her go. “Nick please, no.” “I don’t take no for an answer.” “Let me go, I said no!” Before she could even open the door to leave, Nick banged the door with the palm of his hand while the placed his other hand on the door surrounding Jenny so that she could not leave. Nick stared at her with so much lust. Jenny was afraid that he was going to do something bad to her. She felt her heart pounding. However, she remained calm and waited for the perfect time to make a move. “Listen Jenny…I’m just asking you to be mine or is it hard for you to understand?” “Nick just let me go,” Jenny pleaded. “I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen, Jenny.” “What do you want?” “I want you Jenny…so bad.” Nick slowly grabbed her waist and pulled it closer to his body. Nick stared at her eyes but Jenny couldn’t even look at him because she was afraid. “You know what I wanna do right now? I wanna fuck you so hard until I make you cum like you’ve never before.” Nick then reached beneath her dress wanting to touch her ass but before he could, Jenny hit him in his private area with her knee. “Aaarghh!” Nick yelled in pain as he fell to the floor. “Go fuck yourself!” said Jenny as she quickly got out of the office, got her stuff and left the building. “You bitch!” Nick yelled while he was still in pain. After a few hours, Jenny got home to her apartment.

Fuck Racism

Over the past few years, there have been many cases of racism throughout in some parts of the world. Racism isn’t just something that came up the other day, it’s been there for years since the days of our ancestors. Before we dive in, let’s ask ourselves what exactly is racism. Racism is form of discrimination towards a person due to his or her skin colour or origin. Personally, I think this shit is just fucked up and it needs to stop.

Racism isn’t something that just came out the other day, it’s been there for years since the day of our ancestors. I don’t really understand why a black person should be treated differently from a white person. Just because we’re black and they’re white??? 😕 But do people really consider the effects racism brings along. Here are some of them:

1) Racism causes violence. Racism causes a strong rivalry between people (the blacks and the whites). People’s hearts are filled war that they want to keep fighting until one wins, which is not the solution.

2) Racism causes hatred. Hatred is filled all over the world when racism is being practised. People start to see each other as enemies and not friends.

3) Racism causes suffering. Many people suffer in the black community including both adults and children.

4) Racism causes loss of lives. Due to the pain caused by the oppression of black individuals, some people tend to commit suicide and sometimes are even shot dead. 

This should not be the case.😢

In my perspective, racism is a vice that keeps on tearing people apart. However, I believe that racism can surely end by just doing one thing. Living together in harmony regardless of our race, gender, origin, occupation, background and religion. 

I stand up against racism and so should you.

Stop the hate, stop the violence and the let’s start living in harmony.

🎶Let’s get together and feel alright🎶

 ☝”One Love” – Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

Who The Hell Is That?!

It was 12:30 am when Mike and Sasha had come from a friend’s party heading home. Mike was in the car driving Sasha first so that he could also go home. Suddenly, Mike stopped the car at the side of the road in the middle of the woods. “Why are you stopping?” Sasha asked him. Mike then turned off the ignition and laid back on the seat as he turned to Sasha. “You know I love you, right?” he said. “Of course I do,” said Sasha. Mike then moved closer to her and began caressing her cheeks. “Mike, this isn’t the time. Look, I’m really tired and I had to much too much to drink.” “Well, I’m not tired. Neither did I have too much to drink,” he said. Mike gently touched her thighs as he smiled. “Mike stop….that tickles,” said Sasha as she laughed. “Come here,” said Mike as he pulled her slowly towards him. Mike then gave a kiss on the lips. Sasha could not help but gaze at him. Mike continued kissing her down to her neck as he held her tightly in his arms never wanting to let her go.

“Let’s jump to the backseat,” he said. “Okay,” Sasha agreed. Sasha then went to the backseat and laid herself as she took off her sweatshirt and skinny jeans. Mike took off his T-shirt and unzipped his trousers and laid himself on Sasha’s body. The two kissed while running their hands on each others bodies. “Turn around,” Mike said. Sasha did as she was instructed. Before Mike was ready to take off his boxers, a voicemail sounded from his phone from one of the pockets of his trousers,”Hey babe, I sent you those you those nudes you asked for. Hope you like them. (Laughing).” “Who the hell is that?!” Sasha asked in fury. “Babe, I……I….I can explain,” said Mike as he was confused. “Explain what?  Get the fuck off me you asshole!” Sasha pushed him as she put her clothes back on and went to the front-seat. “Sasha, look…I don’t even know who that is.” Sasha remained quiet and ignored him. “Just get me home, you idiot,” she said. Mike put his clothes back on…….disappointed in himself as he went to the front-seat. He started the car and drove Sasha home. They finally reached. “Look, Sasha….can we just talk about this?” “Why don’t look at those nudes that whore sent you? I’m sure they’re much important than us talking,” said Sasha as she got out the car and slammed the door,” You’re such an asshole.”

Our Lives Are Driven By The Choices We Make

Since this being my first post, I wanted to write something inspirational to those young people out there who are chasing their dreams. Many people don’t know that the choices we make today will determine our future. Lupita Nyong’o said that dreams are valid and indeed they are. Some of us have dreams of becoming successful doctors, lawyers, engineers, pilots, name them. If we instill moral values in ourselves such as discipline and hard work it becomes easier for us to achieve our goals in life. Some of these choices I’m talking about are the friends you choose, the career you want to pursue, the lifestyle you live and others but a few. The world we live in today is full of challenges but if you yourself decide to get your shit together and make the right moves, trust me, those challenges are dead gone.

So make sure you start making the right decisions today so as to better yourself and the lives of those around you. It can make a huge impact in your life. Remember, your life is driven by the choices you make.

Hope you’re inspired by this.